Rokude Nashiko

Police Arrest Woman For 3D-Scanning Her Vagina

She just wanted to crowdfund a vagina-shaped kayak. Now she's the face (and vulva?) of free speech.

Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi, 42, is known for fun creations such as vagina-shaped iPhone cases, a vagina-shaped lampshade and even a vagina-shaped remote-controlled car. But police arrested her on obscenity charges earlier this week for emailing a digital model of her vagina, unaware they were making her (all of her) an international symbol of free expression.

Igarashi, whose pseudonym Rokude Nashiko means "bastard" or "no-good" (or, y'know, "badass") had created a Kickstarter-like crowdfunding page for a vagina kayak, which she dubbed "The World's First 3D-Scanned Peach on the Beach":

Rokude Nashiko

The project managed to raise a million yen (nearly $10,000), twice her goal, since hey, it's just as worthy a cause as potato salad. Here she is, living the dream:

Rokude Nashiko

Igarashi rewarded her 30+ contributors with the digitized version of her lady parts. Police seized the opportunity to apprehend her (and confiscate a bunch of her artwork) over "distributing data that could create an obscene shape through a 3D printer."

Japanese law requires censorship of genital imagery, despite the country hosting an annual penis festival. Igarashi is still in jail, but she's not going down (no pun intended) without a fight. She wants to change her country's hush-hush attitude toward female anatomy for good.

"I do not think it is obscene," she protested. "[Vagina] is thought to be obscene and is overly hidden even though it is just a part of a woman's body."

With media attention from all over the world -- and an inevitable petition -- Igarashi has become a cause célèbre of free speech advocates (and vagina advocates) everywhere. C'mon, who could ever see a criminal in either of these faces?

Rokude Nashiko

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