Can Peter Hale Be Trusted After Killing The 'Teen Wolf' Mute Man?

Proving he still has no mercy, the former alpha eliminated the one person who could have shed light on the hit list.

Peter Hale's come a long way since tearing Lydia to shreds on the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse field, but on last night's all-new "Teen Wolf" episode, he gave Scott and his pals a new reason to keep their distance.

Peter, who was still reeling from the break-in at the Hale family vault, found himself in the line of fire this week when the same mute assassin who killed Sean-the-wendigo (and his entire family...) hurled a wolfsbane-coated tomahawk into his chest. Peter was able to fend off the killer and heal his wound, but it didn't seem like anything could quell his bloodlust.

With the help of Sheriff Stelinski's protege, Deputy Parrish, the group located the mute killer at the school. And though the maniac did his best to take the heroes down, Derek finally restrained him. A simple capture didn't satisfy Derek, though, and even though the killer could have surely provided information on the recent killings -- as well as Peter's lost bonds -- Peter's eyes glazed over, and he savagely eliminated the man.

"We've learned a better way!" Derek reprimanded his uncle.

"I'm a creature of habit," Peter callously responded.

So now that Peter's proven he's still merciless, can anyone really trust him? Take our poll, and explain your thoughts!

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