Nick Carter And Jordan Knight Make Boy Band Dreams Come True On New Single, ‘One More Time’

Nick & Knight have us singing 'woo hoo.'

Boy bands unite!

Nick Carter and Jordan Knight have released their first single, "One More Time," from their side project Nick & Knight.

The Backstreet Boy and New Kids on the Block member have made teenage dreams come true by joining forces to create a super-duo. And their new uptempo pop song sounds like it could have been pulled from either one of their boy-band catalogs.

The two trade verses as they sing about girlfriends who'll never find anyone as good as them (obviously). Their voices come together in perfect harmony over the catchy chorus and a lot of Woo Hoo, Woo Hoos, which we can already imagine singing along to when they hit the road on their North American tour this fall.

"I know that you been thinking/ You’re better off leaving, but you’re never going to find another me/ You're gonna feel so stupid when you realize what you did/ No one could make you feel like me," Nick and Jordan sing.

“It just feels good to finally now be out of the gate,” Jordan told Ryan Seacrest in an interview. “You can really hear the chemistry and you can almost visualize us onstage performing, so I think it will do well for fans’ imaginations and what they’re going to look forward to when they come on our tour.”

Their album, Nick & Knight, drops September 2.