This Bill Murray Art Show Is The Cultural Event Of The Year

Be there, or be irrelevant.

I feel like most people would trudge bravely toward death provided they had checked this item off of their bucket lists: meeting, in some (likely) unusual capacity, the legendary Bill Murray.

I, myself, brushed shoulders with the mighty Murray in an elevator, so I could go happily into the light at any time. The rest of you, however, will have to satiate yourself with this amazing upcoming art show in San Francisco: "The Murray Affair."

Mashable reports that "The Murray Affair" will take place on August 8 at SF Public Works. Curator Ezra Croft has already sourced a ton of art for the show -- it will have 230 pieces in total -- but he's also accepting submissions until July 21. So sharpen your colored pencils... and open your minds.

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"We want to create an art party atmosphere akin to the energy of Andy Warhol-esque factory parties," Croft told Mashable. "We think San Francisco wants it. We think Bill Murray would want it that way, too."

Who knows, Croft, maybe the man himself will make an appearance and you can have your very own bucket list experience, too. One can feverishly dream...

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