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Paul McCartney & Warren Buffet Totally Photobomb This Kid's Selfie

This Omaha teen was denied an autograph, but nabbed the most amazing photo.

Imagine you're a kid in the most middle of America you can get, Omaha, Nebraska, walking around with your buddy on Sunday summer evening. Are you picturing a quaint downtown? Nicely done. Heading to a local ice cream shop? Sure! A teenage boy taking a selfie? Well of course. Paul McCartney and Warren Buffet hanging out on a bench like a couple of bros? What? You weren't thinking that?

Omaha teen Tom White took quite possibly the most randomly epic selfie ever (or technically speaking it's not actually a selfie since his buddy took it but if you care about that difference then check ya' self). White, along with his pal Luke, told The Huffington Post that they heard McCartney was at the local ice cream shop (because where else would he be?) and they sped over armed with a record and guitar for McCartney to sign. McCartney's bodyguard, however, said there would be no autographs but that they could take as many photos as they please. I mean, a selfie with someone famous is the new autograph anyway, so I'd say it worked out.