'Teen Mom 2''s Leah And Corey Unite -- To Lift Ali's Spirits

The former couple remind their daughter, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, that nothing is impossible.

Leah and Corey have often had difficulty seeing eye-to-eye when it comes their daughter Ali's muscular dystrophy diagnosis. For one, Corey has had trouble accepting the severity of their little girl's condition. Secondly, the former couple has had differing views about Ali's schooling. And on the season premiere of "Teen Mom 2," more struggles surface -- but this time, Leah and Corey agree on how to handle them.

While dropping Ali off after a weekend visit, Corey informed Leah that their daughter is becoming more aware of her health issues. The proof: she told her dad that she's "not strong" because of her condition. Corey was shaken by the incident but swiftly tried to lift Ali's spirits. Meanwhile, Ali's difficult admission didn't sit well with Leah, who says she does everything she can to encourage her daughter to dream big and reach for the stars.

Soon after, Leah took her mother and Ali, plus her other daughters Aleah and Adalynn, out to lunch -- and the topic immediately came up. Leah was quick to make sure her daughter understands exactly what her diagnosis means, and reinforced the lessons she's already taught her.

"Mommy said, 'Yes, you do have muscular dystrophy, but Ali can do what?'" Leah asked.

"Anything I want," Ali softly responded.

"Ali's gonna do anything she wants -- whenever she wants to do it," Leah said to Ali as the two pinky-promised.

It's never easy to have challenging conversations with your children, and Leah and Corey's interactions with Ali are no exception. As parents, they put on a brave face after hearing her heartbreaking statement -- and quickly drove home the point that her illness shouldn't stop her from doing what she wants in life.

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