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Let's Freak Out Over These New 'Vampire Diaries' And 'Arrow' Behind-The-Scenes Pics

Keeping up with The CW-ians, one rad set photo at a time.

We're still enjoying summer Fridays and BBQ pool parties here in the real world, but down in Mystic Falls, Starling City, and... well, wherever they happen to be on "Supernatural" this week, it's all work and (mostly) no play -- and boy, are we thankful for it.

"Arrow," "The Vampire Diaries," and "Supernatural" won't return to The CW until next fall, but all of our favorite stars from the shows -- we're talking to you, Emily Bett Rickards -- have kept busy sharing behind-the-scenes shots as they return to set. Has going back to work after vacation ever seemed so incredibly awesome? We thought not.


The "Arrow" kids have been back at it for about a week now, and man, the duo of Rickards and Haynes sure do know how to pull us in, time and time again. Can we join your BFF party, plz?

"First day nap time."

Eating time @davidpaulramsey @coltonlhaynes @katiecassidy @willaaaahh @coburnreuther @arrowwriters @paulblackthorne @amelladventures

Day 1 on #ArrowSeason3 !!! Roy Harper is going through some rough changes...

Back at it @willaaaahh @coltonlhaynes #ArrowSeason3Follow

"The Vampire Diaries"

The "TVD" cast just returned to set yesterday (July 14), but they're already keeping busy with the warm and fuzzy reunions. And um, hey, is anyone else pretty psyched to see Kat Graham after Bonnie's supposed demise at the end of last season?

Day one of #TVD It's been a long summer. #reunion #truelove @katerinagraham @katgrahampics

My lovey is back!!


Not only are the boys back for season ten (!!!), but they're back with Jensen Ackles as director! Swoon.

"The Flash"

Okay, so "The Flash" isn't one of your favorites YET, but only because you haven't seen it. We have, so trust us when we say you should be very, very excited about the following pics.

Oh, and one more thing...

Thought we forgot about "The Originals?" We haven't, they just filmed a few season two episodes earlier in the year, and are still on hiatus. But from the looks of things, that's all about to end very, very soon...