5SOS Fans Have Spoken: ‘Everything I Didn't Say’ Is The ‘Best Song Ever’

The VMA performers are trying to wake up from a bad dream on latest track.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of 5 Seconds of Summer's debut album, and with only one week to go, the guys decided to give their fans something to hold them over: a brand-new song: "Everything I Didn't Say."

The mid-tempo pop/rock track has the guys -- Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael -- singing about trying to "wake up from a bad dream," as they kick themselves for not saying enough to make a girlfriend stick around.

"Taking every breath away with all of the mistakes I made/ From all the letters that I saved/ This is everything I didn't say/ I wish I could've made you stay/ And I'm the only one to blame/ I know that it's a little too late," the guys sing.

The catchy song follows the release of their heartbreak ballad, "Amnesia," and it's definitely a track you could imagine the 5SOSFam rocking out to at their shows, with it's rousing chants and sing-a-long chorus.

Of course, fans will get to sing along with 5SOS when the band takes the stage at the 2014 Video Music Awards on August 24. But they're already freaking out over "Everything I Didn't Say" -- currently #1 on iTunes -- taking to Twitter to declare it officially the "best.song.ever."

Others were so overwhelmed with emotion that they didn't know whether they should dance or cry.