'Teen Wolf' Newbie Dylan Sprayberry Once Headbutted A Chimney

Always wear your helmet while skateboarding, kids!

The ability to heal at lightning speed is one undeniable benefit of being a werewolf, but sadly, it was out of actor Dylan Sprayberry's reach during his early years of skateboarding.

The "Teen Wolf" newbie, who plays Beacon Hills High School freshman and Scott's first bite Liam, recently sat down with Morgan Evans for the latest edition of the "Teen Wolf After After Show." And in the video below, he explains one particularly gnarly wipeout that came with his love of extreme sports.

"I was skating in the back of my apartment building a few years ago, and I hit my head on the outside of a chimney," Sprayberry recalls. "That sucked really bad." We believe it!

Sprayberry adds that he didn't go to the hospital after eating brick, but decided to fix his contusion by going inside and taking a nap for a few hours instead. We're sure Dr. Deaton (along with every medical professional within earshot) is shaking his head somewhere...

For more on the accident, to hear Sprayberry's take on Liam's tense relationship with Scott and to get a sense of how the show's latest recruit is getting along with his cast mates, check out the interview!