Lena Dunham And Ingrid Michaelson Tweet Concern For The Girl In 'Rude'

On the upside, it's still not as controversial as 'Blurred Lines.'

Weeks after the insidiously catchy strains of reggae hit "Rude" by the Canadian band MAGIC! first wormed their way into our collective ears, Lena Dunham finally addressed the question on everyone's mind: How does the daughter of the song's "old-fashioned man" feel about all this hand-in-marriage-requesting? Does she even know that she's supposed to be taking up residence with its singer?

Fortunately, musician Ingrid Michaelson was right there to provide the obvious answer:

Because of course he is, it's right there in the song... which we now cannot listen to without feeling the slightest twinge of concern for this poor, possibly clueless girl who is being consigned to spend the rest of her life north of the border, listening to her husband noodle on the melodica until she dies or goes insane. Really, guys, it wouldn't kill you to ask her how she feels about all this. Don't you know she's human, too?

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