Are You Ready For R5's Heart Made Up On You EP?

Because we are.

Ready to run rambunctiously around a red raceway with Rihanna after riding a rowdy roller coaster like a reckless Ruff Ryder? OK, that made absolutely no sense, but we wanted to express our excitement for R5's new EP Heart Made Up On You -- which drops July 22 and is available for preorder tonight at midnight ET -- and overusing words that begin with the letter "R" felt the most appropriate.

While little is known about the new record, when MTV News caught up with the fivesome earlier this summer, we peer-pressured them into giving us some info on their full-length album, out September 30 (and playing a ridiculous game, which you can watch by clicking on the video below).

"The new record, we're still finishing it, it's coming along really, really nicely," Ross Lynch from the group explained. "It's sort of a natural evolution of R5 and we're just letting it all happen naturally, we're letting it do it's thing."

"There was nothing really set in stone, the songs just started coming and writing and stuff like that, the sound of it totally happened on its own, and we're really, really stoked about it," brother and bandmate Riker Lynch chimed in. "I'm super pumped."

With a "darker," more "in your face" sound, the band say their sophomore LP will have a more mature sound than their debut.

"As far as the theme goes, we were really going for something new, I'm not giving too much away, I'm thinking about what I'm saying because I don't want to give it all away," Ross said. "But our last record is called Louder and or EP was called Loud, which is also the name of many other records so we decided we wanted to make something very different."