Daniel Radcliffe Is The Devil In First 'Horns' Posters

Does this make your horn-y, baby?

We've been dying to see anything from "Horns," the eagerly anticipated adaptation of Joe Hill's critically acclaimed novel, pretty much since we first heard news of the project. Starring Daniel Radcliffe as a man accused of killing his girlfriend (Juno Temple) -- who wakes up one morning with very satanic looking horns growing out of his head -- the dark fantasy novel is superb, and begging for a film adaptation.

Happily, director Alexandre Aja ("The Hills Have Eyes") complied, though it's been a good long time since we've heard anything about the film. With a San Diego Comic-Con panel featuring Hill, Aja and Radcliffe on the horizon, though, things are heating up (like the flames of Hell, etc, etc).

Empire Magazine has the first teaser poster, which not only shows off a non-horned look at Radcliffe's dark turn in the movie, but also finally gives us an appropriate release date: Halloween.

At least, that's the date for UK cinemas. Whether the movie will land domestically at the same time is still to be confirmed, though Hill did tease on Twitter that the movie would be out in October. Stay tuned for more (including a surely impending trailer).