Ashley Greene Is Definitely Not A Furry In New 'Wish I Was Here' Clip

Despite what her Muppet pants may have you thinking.

Whatever you do, don't call Ashley Greene a furry -- she's a "character designer of full-size plush toys." Which means she might, on occasion, rock something we (and co-star Josh Gad) might refer to as "Muppet pants."

If you, like us, have made a [Zach] Braff decision to watch an exclusive clip from the actor's second directorial effort, "Wish I Was Here," you already know to make these furry-character designer distinctions. And if you haven't yet, well, what's stopping you?

"Wish I Was Here," Braff's crowdfunded film starring himself as a mid-30s dad who's still trying to make sense of things while raising his kids (Joey King and Pierce Gagnon) and figure out a way to get to Comic-Con, opens in select theaters this Friday, and expands July 25.

Until your chance to see the full movie on the big screen, this clip of Greene and Gad arguing about the nuances of furry culture, fast food franchise characters and loud dogs will have to tide you over.