Daryl Fans Are Going To Riot Over This 'Walking Dead' Season 5 Pic

See, even crossbow-wielding badasses have bad days sometimes.

One thing Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) has always had going for him (besides his arms, face, swagger, and skill with a crossbow) is the fact that his character never appeared in the "Walking Dead" comic books, so the show won't feel any pressure to kill him off based on its source material. However, Entertainment Weekly's latest sneak peek at season five definitely lets us know that even the baby Dixon isn't safe when it comes to dealing with those freaks at Terminus:

Holy crap! But also... holy hotness? Whatever, we're into some weird stuff when it comes to Mr. Dixon.

Anyway, we don't think that Daryl will die -- not at this point, anyway -- but last spring's finale was just so eerily peaceful (peaceful on "Walking Dead" can still include biting child rapists in the artery and getting kidnapped by probable cannibals) that we're gearing up for a potential bloodbath when the show returns in October.

What do you think, "Walking Dead" fans? Could the show ever truly off Daryl? What's he gotten himself into in this terrifying new photo?