With '24' About To End, Is Jack Bauer About To Die?

Probably not, because he's immortal.

The clock is about to stop on "24: Live Another Day," but has time run out for Jack Bauer as well?

After eight horrible days, and half of a horrible ninth, Bauer has seen and done it all. He watched his wife die, he died for three minutes himself, he took on a heroin addiction in the name of the job, he faked his own death, he went to Chinese prison for over two years, he discovered that his father was a terrorist, he survived being infected with a weaponized pathogen, and then he murdered a whole bunch of people before fleeing the country, only to resurface in London four years later with a chip on his shoulder (or, more accurately, in his wrist) and only one thing on the mind: save President Heller and find redemption, or die trying.

Let it out, Jack. Heavy stuff.

Bauer has covered a ton of ground over the course of 204 hours, and that's barely scratching the surface. The point is, few things, if anything, can keep Jack Bauer down for long. But is it about time for something to put him in the ground permanently?

The seemingly unkillable Bauer approaches what very well could be his final hour as "Live Another Day" wraps its run tonight. Jack has thwarted an assassination attempt against President Heller and dismantled a drone hijacking plot that threatened to kill thousands of innocent London civilians. Now, he only has one more item on his to do list: prevent World War III.

Easier said than done, even for a man who already has "prevented numerous global wars" on his resumé. That's because the man trying to start World War III is an old ghost from Jack's past...

... Cheng Zhi, the Chinese terrorist who imprisoned and tortured Bauer for over two years. Bauer has faced more loathsome enemies before — the brain-dead Charles Logan, and the all-dead Nina Myers, for instance — but as far as the living goes, Cheng is top of the list.

There's only one hour left in "24," assuming Fox doesn't surprise us all with an additional season. Bauer is poised for his most personal showdown in years. Nuclear war is on the horizon. Only one hour left to go, and a possible time-jump still in the mix as well. With such high stakes and such little time, has there ever been a better time than now for Jack to follow-through on a sacrifice play that saves the world at the expense of his life? It just might be too perfect for the writers to resist.

Then again, this is Jack Bauer we're talking about. If you think anything can kill this man after all these hours, days and years, then you simply don't know Jack.

Place your bets: Does Jack Bauer die on tonight's "24: Live Another Day" finale, or does he live on to die another day?