11 Sunburns That'll Make You Want To Hide In A Cave

They look bad and feel worse. Sunburns are the worst, and here's all the inspiration you need to go underground 'til winter.

Sunburns are no laughing matter, if you have one. If someone else has one, though, they're hilarious. We've tackled skin poisoning before, and even quizzed you on whether you can tell a sunburn from a lobster. But every day of summer, people figure out brand new ways to get the most painful temporary tattoos around. After checking out these ones, we won't blame you for hiding in a bunker for a few months.

1. The Male Pattern Scald-ness

Flickr: CG Sorg

Walter White? Nah, just call this guy "Walter Crimson."

2. The Give Me A Hand


Your mom always told you not to pat yourself on the back, and here's why.

3. The Tribal Tattoo

Is it modern art? Maybe. But he can't hang this masterpiece in a museum after it peels off.

4. The Snack Attack

Eating ice cream and taking a nap are both nice on a hot day. But combining them means a terrible spoon burn and a big cup of melted sadness.

5. The Unburnt Bracelet

Flickr: Aine D

Pretty much the opposite of how our bullies tortured us with friction in elementary school.

6. The Discount Superman

A homemade "S" makes it look like you're a hero on a budget. Get a real stencil if you insist on getting your Kal-El on!

7. The Tony The Tiger

They say you can't change your stripes. They lied.

8. The Couples Burn

...and she complains you never do anything together!

9. The Don't Worry, Be Happy

Bad burn, don't care. This dude keeps partying.

10. The Seatbelt Burn

This is what you get for driving around shirtless.

11. The Rich People Problem


As Mrs. Kardashian shows us, those big, expensive sunglasses and ski goggles can leave one wicked burn -- but you have to be able to afford them first.