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Lindsay Lohan Might Move To London Now, Everyone

'I think I am making the move to come over here, yeah.'

It's far too easy (and frankly, far too overdone) to approach any story about Lindsay Lohan with an eyeroll and a bit of disdain. We're an idealist sort and always hopeful that people will learn from their past mistakes and/or the chaos of their own lives — which is why we think maybe this move to London that Lohan is contemplating is a great idea.

Yeah, you read that right — Lohan revealed in an interview with BBC in support of her latest bit of work, a production of David Mamet's Speed-The-Plow on the West End, that she's a bit enamored with that jolly good home of Kate and Wills better known as foggy Londontowne. Mostly because, well, their celebrity obsession doesn't drive her anxieties up a wall as much as it does here in the US.

"I don't understand the crazy fascination with me because it kind of scares me," the actress stated when asked about her life as a media magnet. But, quite sadly, in fact, the business of reporting on her every move has her more nonplussed these days than in the past. "I'm so numb to it at this point that it doesn't affect me personally whereas in the past I think it did a little bit."

"I will hear a flash of an iPhone camera, I'll hear the shutter from a mile across the room, or I'll feel it," she quipped. "I'm so used to thinking that and feeling almost paranoid sometimes."

As for the allure of London as a new homestead for the actress? It's all about the lack of celebrity obsession to the level of us Americans. "I think I am making the move to come over here, yeah," Lohan said. "You guys have such a different outlook [about celebrity culture]. Here I don't notice any of that. It's more news and politics and music. It feels good to turn on the TV and not have everything be all about gossip." I mean, we'd move to London in a heartbeat if we could, too.

Hey — whatever and wherever makes it work for you, Lohan, we're on board. We're eternal optimists when it comes to Lindsay! Maybe a hop across the pond is just what she needs to get her life and her career back on track.