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Watch Lil Wayne Tell The Story Of His First Seizure And The Birth Of His Solo Career 

Because only Weezy could make this a feel-good tale.

Lil Wayne tells the best stories. Not only does he casually throw around words like "unknowledgeable" -- without knowing if it's even in the dictionary -- but somehow he manages to turn scary things like seizures into a feel-good tale.

In his latest installation of "Weezy Wednesdays," Tune takes us back to the early era of Cash Money, before he was a breakout solo star. He starts by setting up the elaborate concert scenes, where Baby and Mannie Fresh would emerge from massive diamond Rolex watch stage props, and he would descend onto the stage in a chopper.

The severity of Wayne's seizures became public knowledge recently, but during those early years he simply thought they were hot flashes.

At one particular show, he passed out from one of those "hot flashes" and was unable to perform for a while. The crowd was never happy to hear about his absence, and when he finally returned to the stage it was a pretty triumphant moment ... one that he considers the birth of his solo career.

Get a snack, sit down, and enjoy the full story above. This summer he'll be heading out on the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour, where he'll literally battle his protege, Drizzy, onstage.

(Lil Wayne on his upcoming tour with Drake)