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‘The Flash’ And ‘Arrow’ Get Their Own Action Figures

These action figures were trapped on a hellish island for five years!

You won’t get to see Grant Gustin as “The Flash” on The CW until this Fall, but before that, you can make him do whatever you want, as his take on DC Comics’ Scarlet Speedster finally has its own action figure. Not only that, but as just announced by DC Collectibles, “Arrow” is getting new action figures, as well.

TheFlash.CW_Flash_53bf387dad5997.18043970 DC Collectibles

The Flash is probably the most exciting, just because he hasn’t been featured as an collectible yet. You know, what with being brand new and all. But the figure shows off the deeper red of the new costume, as well as Gustin’s distinctive visage.

ARROW_Oliver_Totem_53bf3909107947.07414570 DC Collectibles

Yeeeeeah, shirtless Stephen Amell. Woot. Also, there’s the impaled Deathstroke mask, an iconic image from “Arrow.”

ARROW_Deathstroke_53bf39ca326335.36268560 DC Collectibles

Also, Deathstroke, the villain who terrorized Starling last season.

ARROW_Canary_53bf3928411c68.13323570 DC Collectibles

And Black Canary! Though Caity Lotz may have headed for unknown areas with the League of Assassins at the end of season two, we’ll always have this action figure. Always.

arrow_v3_af_53bf46ea728965.98804907 DC Collectibles

And finally, The Arrow himself. All of these figures (and way more) will be available at San Diego Comic-Con in booth #1915, so head over there and demand they make an #Olicity figurine or rioting will ensue.

What do you think of these new DC Collectibles?

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