Getty/Paras Griffin

LeBron James Is Going Back To Cleveland And Lil Wayne Predicted It: See The Proof

Is Weezy good or what?

Things got really interesting during this year's NBA off-season, when LeBron James became a free agent. That was the start of endless speculation about where he might end up: would he stay with the Miami Heat? Would he really head back home to Cleveland?

All of that talk was a waste of time though, because Lil Wayne knew the answer all along: LeBron is definitely returning to Cleveland.

When MTV News caught up with Weezy on his "Krazy" video set he made some predictions on where LeBron, the Knicks' Carmelo Anthony and King James Heat teammate Chris Bosh would end up. So far, he's one for three.

“Honestly, I think 'Bron might go to Cleveland, and you might see a [Chris] Bosh or somebody like that follow him,” Tunechi said. “I think 'Bron going back home. Especially with Kyrie [Irving] signing that extension.”

No word yet on where Bosh and Carmelo will officially sign, but if Wayne gets both of those right, he might as well just ask Skip Bayless to hand over his microphone.

Watch Weezy's predictions in the video above.