Channing Tatum Is Literally So Hot He Had To Shave His Head

A man this hot can't have something like hair weighing him down.

When you're as hot as Noted Sexy Person Channing Tatum, every little bit counts. This man is generating so much heat within his charming, handsome, visually pleasing body that the man had to shave his head for even the slightest bit of relief.

Yes, you read that right: Chan the Man is shorn. Dude shaved his head. A photographer caught Tatum out walking his dog (who is also handsome, but in a different way) and chatted him up, prompting him to whip off his hat and show off his freshly buzzed noggin. He explained that it's more comfortable in the heat.

And apparently his wife approves of his new 'do: "Jenna loves it!" he enthused to his new photographer pal.

And you know what? We love it too. It just looks really soft and fuzzy, you know?