Nicki Minaj Is On HSN – Time To Reminisce About Awkward Celeb TV Shopping Moments

She joins the likes of 50 Cent and Mariah Carey.

If you didn’t know Nicki Minaj was promoting a new fragrance, well, where have you been? That’s been trending for hours!

The rapper made an appearance on the Home Shopping Network last night, and another one at noon on Friday (July 11), to tell the world why everyone should spritz on (and ultimately, purchase) her latest concoction, Minajesty Exotic.

While Nicki’s HSN appearance had fans freaking (see the tweets below as evidence), we thought we’d look back and remember other celebrities who have gone before the camera and lights to endorse their fave products.

Here’s Nicki last night:

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50 Cent went on QVC one time to sell his SMS headhones.
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Mariah Carey had multiple “moments” on HSN.
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This montage video of every time she said “love” proves it.
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Joan Rivers had a cake thrown at her on a QVC red carpet once.

Oprah totally called in during Mary J. Blige’s HSN session.

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Even the Muppets stopped by QVC.
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Dolly Parton had a concert on QVC!

And for even more fun, here are some QVC bloopers.
What is your favorite celebrity home shopping moment?

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