This Bro-tastic Cooler Is Perfect For The Bro On-The-Go

The Coolest Has Already Raised Over $2m On Kickstarter

"Boring coolers are boring," says self-proclaimed mad scientist Ryan Grepper in the infomercial for his "Coolest Cooler" Kickstarter.

Grepper's "Coolest Cooler" includes a built-in blender, waterproof bluetooth speaker, USB charger, cutting board, bottle opener and many other features perfect for an outdoor frat party.

"WARNING: DANCE PARTIES MAY HAPPEN!" warns the Kickstarter page's embedded video. And now that the "Coolest" has already raised over $2 million for a campaign with a $50,000 goal, there will certainly be no shortage of dance parties on this earth.

The world just got a whole lot better. And drunker.