17 Photos That Prove Neville Longbottom Is Hogwarts' Hottest Wizard

Your patronus must be a dragon, because you're setting our hearts ON FIRE.

Every snide little witch who ever made fun of Neville Longbottom, that poor, benighted, buck-toothed dork who loved dancing and herbology, is gonna want to avada kedavra herself when she sees him at Hogwarts' five-year reunion.

Despite his inauspicious beginnings as the butt of various magical jokes, Neville has grown up to be the most blazing wizard hottie ever to wield a wand. How sexy is this magical man? Let's just say that he's not gonna have any trouble finding ladies who want to ride his broomstick, if you get our meaning. And today, for your viewing pleasure, we've amassed the definitive collection of Hot Neville Longbottom pics in this highly ogleable gallery. Even dressed in Mugglewear, this man is casting an engorgio spell on our lust levels like WHOA.

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...And for comparison purposes:

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