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JWOWW & Roger Mathews Share Final Sonogram As Due Date Quickly Approaches

The 'little angel' is almost here!

BABY'S (almost) HEAAAAH (any day now)! That was our best Pauly D voice, in case you couldn't tell.

No need to alert everyone and their grandma just yet, but Jenni Farley did share what's likely to be the last sonogram shot of her baby girl before the little one's sure-to-be-stylish arrival. We won't be shocked in the least if JWOWW's babe comes out wearing a wee wittle pair of stilettos. (We kid...because OUCH.)

Jenni Farley's Twitter

She captioned the photo: "Meeting our precious little angel very very soon @RogerMathewsNJ."

Awwww...angel, indeed! JWOWW's fiancé Roger Mathews tweeted the same photo with the caption, "Almost here..................tic toc tic toc."

Do we sense a little impatience, Rog? While you've no doubt been a flawless daddy-to-be, this pregnancy certainly hasn't been all kittens and rainbows.

Nonetheless, it's been a long ride, with an adorable Christmas Day birth announcement, her first oh-so-shy sonogram pic, a few frightening pregnancy complications and the most selfless thing a woman can do for her child — sacrificing her shoe closet in exchange for a nursery. We aren't worthy, Jenni. We aren't worthy.

Jury's still out on Jenni's epidural debate, but will her bestie Nicole Polizzi get her wish of watching the labor in full? Probably not, but here's hoping that everything goes smoothly for Jenni and her baby-to-be as the due date quickly approaches!