'The Simpsons' Makeup Line Makes Us Something Something

Go crazy? Don't mind if we do!

The matriarch of "The Simpsons" isn't exactly known as a makeup maven -- because she's a low-maintenance sort of lady, and also possibly because it's hard to put on mascara when you have only eight eyelashes in total -- but as the new MAC Simpsons Collection shows, she makes one heck of a cosmetic muse.

The special edition makeup line is stamped with Marge's likeness, and includes everything from eyeshadow palettes (highlight: a deep cobalt "Beehive Blue") to blush to a crazy-colored lip gloss collection. If you want the yellow pucker of a true Springfield native, a gloss in Nacho Cheese Explosion should get you on your way; however, the deep pink of Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy is quite the seductive shade, too. Also available: nail stickers featuring the show's nuclear family, and a set of false eyelashes that mimic Marge's signature staggered look.

A sneak peek pic of some of the makeup is already making its way around Twitter, but if you want to see the line in its entirety, beautygeeks has a full preview.

Those who want to go Simpsonian glam this month will have to head to San Diego Comic Con, where the line will be on sale July 26 only at the MAC Gaslamp store, 234 Fifth Avenue. (And yes, artists will be on hand to give desirous parties their very own "Marge makeover.)

If you can't make it to Comic Con, don't worry: the collection will get a wider distribution later this summer, becoming available online beginning August 28 and in stores September 4.