Boyz II Men Have A Song About Pretzel Buns, And It's Delightful

They teamed up with Wendy's for an ode to the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger.

By Maurice Bobb

Now that’s better.

Wendy’s and Boyz II Men officially won the Internet Thursday (July 10)—and it’s not even close.

In an ingenious marketing move, the fast food chain tapped the harmonizing “Motownphilly” triumvirate to sing a song about the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger -- one composed entirely of tweets sent by avid fans of the previously discontinued menu item.

The spot begins with Nathan Morris using his bedroom voice for the opening salvo, “Boyz II Men turning tweets into love songs for @Wendys…I’m just sayin.”

Backed by hilarious graphics and fueled by nom-nom-erific tweets, the Men croon their way through a litany of comments like, “Wanna hi-five myself,” “Pretzel OMG so good,” "Can my New Year's kiss be with a pretzel burger?" and “Can you keep the pretzel bun FOREVER?”

140 characters never sounded so good.