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New Grand Hustle Mixtape On The Way, But Not The Man And The Martian

One outta two ain't bad.

Iggy Azalea is currently burning up the charts with "Fancy," T.I. clocked in a hit with Young Thug on "About the Money," B.o.B. just dropped his No Genre 2 mixtape -- and now it's time for the Grand Hustle team to release another group project.

Bobby Ray confirms that a follow up to last year's G.D.O.D. mixtape will be arriving pretty soon.

"We finna drop a Grand Hustle mixtape this summer and it's pretty much done," B.o.B. told MTV News. "Those projects get finished faster because the verses get done faster, as opposed to one person trying to complete a whole song -- you've got a team of people working on it."

Then there's that joint album Bobby Ray was supposed to be working on with T.I. called The Man and the Martian. The last update we heard, was that they'd banked a ton of tracks, but it doesn't seem like we'll be getting that one anytime soon.

"The got that locked up in Area 51," B.o.B. joked. "We're tryna find it and get our property back. They heard it and said 'no no no no, we gotta put this away, we can't leave this out here -- so, [sometime] in the future."

The Grand Hustle signee also explained that he's hard at work on his own label, No Genre, which will house artists like himself, who are able to show off their diverse musical abilities.