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It’s Practically Impossible Not To Fall In Love With Allison Weiss' New Breakup Anthem

The enigmatic singer-songwriter's new song is the rare breakup track that doesn't make you wanna ugly-cry.

By Jeffrey Silverstein

Anyone familiar with indie-pop wunderkind Allison Weiss probably isn't too surprised that even on the heels of a remarkably busy year -- including multiple U.S and European tours and a move from New York to Los Angeles -- she still found time to record a new album. Since she first picked up the guitar at age 14, Weiss has released an EP or full-length album every year since 2007 -- and toured alongside The Get Up Kids, Laura Jane Grace and the late Lou Reed -- in the lead-up to her upcoming EP Remember When.

The title track "Remember When," streaming now, finds Weiss at the top of her game, cranking out the kind of fearless vocals and thinking-girl power-pop jam that has earned Tegan and Sara (with whom she's collaborated) their obsessive following.

"I used to be everything you wanted/ I used to be everything you loved/ But lately I’m lost at sea," she sings. It's a simple yet graceful break-up track so sophisticated it almost makes us want to break up with the songwriter herself. Which we'd do if we weren't so in love with her.

Listen to "Remember When," and pick up the album when it drops July 22 on No Sleep Records.