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John Mayer Just Made Fun Of The Internet In The Best Way Possible

Singer has some ridiculous headlines for your consideration.

John Mayer has been absent from the limelight recently, only surfacing to pop in and out of summer music festivals and deliver hugs to "Full House" alum Candice Cameron Bure. But if you're following the singer on Twitter, he's been anything but silent.

On Thursday (June 10) Mayer took a stab at the influx of increasingly bizarre headlines -- we admit, we're guilty of a few of our own -- with a handful of his own original ideas. Let's break down what works and what doesn't.

1. The Seven Other Members of One Direction You Need to Know About Now (We're Swooning For Ronnie Tittles!)

I don't think the tweens are ready to handle this one, but YES, PLEASE! BRING IT ON!

2. The Three Home Lobotomy Party Fouls EVERYONE Makes

Points for practicality, but probably way too NSFW.

3. 21 Photos of People Trying To Light Cigarettes in the Wind

If you've ever had the pleasure of witnessing this in public, it's pretty entertaining. Bonus points for all photos featuring matches instead of lighters.

4. Seven Zapruter Film Flubs

John, make sure you hit "spell check" before going live with this stuff. *Zapruder

5. 14 Things Your Pants Are Saying About You Behind Your Back

I'm pretty sure the only thing my pants are saying behind my back is "Damnnnnn girl, work it." If you can come up with 14 other things, write away.

6. Nine Iconic Roles That Almost Went To Ernest Borgnine

Probably a "no," considering anyone actually reading this post only knows Borgnine as our favorite "SpongeBob Square Pants" superhero -- Mermaid Man.