Meet Lorde's New Tourmate: Majical Cloudz

And find out how a Lorde show is like a comedy routine.

Lorde is not your average pop star for myriad reasons, one of the coolest being that she brings some seriously unexpected (and amazing) acts on tour with her. Next up? Canada's own Majical Cloudz -- who seem as into alternative spellings as Ella herself.

Both Lorde and Majical Cloudz were raking in the critical praise around this time last summer -- Lorde for her now-ubiquitus single "Royals," Majical Cloudz for their excellent sophomore record, Impersonator. And although they seemingly come from disparate worlds -- Lorde is signed to major label and won some Grammys while Majical Cloudz released their tunes on an indie label -- they were kind of destined to be perfect tourmates.

Frontman Devon Welsh first saw Lorde perform last March in New York City. "I had the experience of seeing the whole performance and thinking that a lot of the values that I have around what a performance can be and just the way that lighting can work and the way that a person can carry themselves on stage was all similar in a good way," he told MTV News. "I thought she was of the same school of thought as me with respect to what a live show can be like. ... It's a show that does a lot with a few very simple elements visually."

Lorde, on the other hand, was apparently a fan of Welsh and Co. from way back when Impersonator came out in May 2013, finally meeting the band before the Grammys -- which she swept -- when they played a show with Grimes. The rest, as the cliches say, was history.

The band became the second relatively untraditionally poppy act to be asked to go on the road with the 17-year-old -- after multi-instrumentalist Lo-Fang -- and Welsh is set to hit venues bigger than he's ever played before come September.

"We've never really done anything like it, so I don't really have a precedent for it," he said. "I kind of want to go to some shows this summer if I have the time that are in spaces that are sort of that big. I don't really know what to expect from it. It seems like it will be a good learning opportunity in terms of being able to do something like that for a month."

Welsh doesn't plan to alter the band's live show at all, but he does anticipate that playing in front of arenas and massive crowds will be a much different experience than he's used to.

"It's like the difference between someone telling jokes in their living room -- someone performing their amateur standup comedy and magic routine -- for an audience of 10 people. That kind of human relationship is easy," he said. "Versus going to see Louis C.K. or something at some massive auditorium. At that point, he's not really listening to what the crowd is doing because he's not doing a bunch of new material in a set like that -- he's doing stuff that kills every time. It doesn't seem like you're getting things back from people in the same way ... it's a mass of energy rather than individuals."

Welsh said he does plan to play some new music while on tour, but that most of the material he'll be busting out will be tried and true. The band, however, is currently working on new tunes.

"I just try to stay focused on the idea that music should just come from the things that you're thinking about at the time and that you shouldn't restrict yourself to certain ways that you think your music should go," he said of the process. "We've been working on stuff and trying to stay true to that idea that music should have something to say about your perceptions of your own life."

Perhaps this tour will have an impact that will make its way into the band's third album? We'll keep an ear out no matter what. In the meantime, we'll be listening to this track on repeat.