Katniss And Khaleesi Will Finally Meet... In A Preschool Four Years From Now

The two heroines are top searches on one baby naming site.

Sure, you might think that Katniss is a pretty cool name for a Hunger Games champion, but would you ever consider naming your kid after the Jennifer Lawrence character?

Well, according to Nameberry (via io9), a baby naming website, some of pop culture's most popular heroines are among its top-searched names.

And it doesn't just stop with Katniss, which was the 14th most-viewed name on the entire site. Don't be surprised if you're introduced to a little baby Khaleesi (#18) or Elsa (#88). It's actually kind of encouraging seeing those names no longer limited to the Mother of Dragons and girls from Scandinavia.

Though it's more of a traditional name than Katniss or Khaleesi, Hazel (#14) has had a big spike this year thanks to Shailene Woodley and "The Fault in Our Stars." No word yet on the results for "Hazel Grace," "Ansel" and "Elgort."