Nice Try, Body-Shamers, But This Girl Just Owned You

Carleigh's ass? More like Carleigh's SASS.

After some unknown meanies made a nasty public jab at her body, 14 year-old Carleigh O'Connell wanted to send a message to body-shamers everywhere.

And that message is, "Kiss my big concrete block."

Earlier this week, the New Jersey teen found out via friends that someone had tagged a concrete bolster at the local beach with the words "Carleigh's ass." But where most of us would respond by crying, hiding indoors, and secretly googling "ass removal surgery" late into the night, Carleigh strode out in her bikini to pose like a rockstar right next to the graffiti.

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The resulting photo, which she asked friends and family members to repost on social media, has spread like wildfire.

Needless to say, Carleigh is a gorgeous young lady whose posterior in no way resembles a big stone rectangle — but what's really beautiful is how she turned the maliciousness of some anonymous jerk into a chance to spread a potent message about body positivity.

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And now Carleigh has gained thousands of fans worldwide and is making appearances on the Today Show, whereas the trolls who wrote that graffiti are probably crying and eating cat food in a dark hole full of spiders.