Chris Colfer Has Some Words For Whoever Hacked His Twitter

Actor addresses last week's incident when someone falsely announced he'd been fired from 'Glee.'

With reporting by Cory Midgarden

To the man/woman/robot who hacked Chris Colfer's Twitter account last week and had the Internet hyperventilating: You're officially in the doghouse.

Sure, he held back in addressing the incident on social media -- seemingly laughing it off in an exchange with co-star and fellow hackee Lea Michele -- but he's got quite a few words for whoever it was that falsely announced that he'd been fired from "Glee." He's just too classy to say them out loud.

In an interview with MTV News while promoting his upcoming book, The Land of Stories, the "Glee" actor addressed the incident head-on.

"I couldn't say that out loud," he said of the message he has for the hacker. "I couldn't say that unless there was a bleep."

The worst part of it all, he said, was that he was thrown into headlines when he usually does everything he can to stay out of them.

"It really upset me just because I -- probably more so than it should have -- because I try to stay out of headlines as much as possible, unless I'm promoting a project that I've worked really hard on, so the fact that something like that is probably what I'll be known for the most, that kid from 'Glee' who got hacked. You know, that's really upsetting," he said. "It's upsetting when you're forced into headlines like that. You know, you have nothing to do with it."

So, the question remains: Who was said man/woman/robot?

"A million jokes have been made about, 'Oh we had passwords that were our pet's names,' which is we do not have passwords that are pet's names," he said. "I think it was definitely like a, someone did it with a motive, someone with software went in and hacked into our stuff."