Watch Beyonce Interview Jason Biggs About 'American Pie' For The 15th Anniversary

At the 2000 MTV Movie Awards, where that actually happened.

Today (July 9) marks the 15th anniversary of the now-classic teen sex comedy "American Pie." A lot has changed in the last 15 years, and this video of Beyoncé interviewing newcomer Jason Biggs for MTV on the carpet of the 2000 MTV Movie Awards is probably the best example of that.

First of all, yes, Jason Biggs and Beyoncé interacted, and she was the one interviewing him. Second, while Jason Biggs still has a young-looking mug in "Orange is the New Black," it's pretty amazing how he's pretty much baby-faced here. (Note on things that don't change — Beyoncé is basically ageless.)

The interview itself is a lot of fun, with Beyoncé getting in her own version of "This one time, at band camp." Also, Jason Biggs can now count himself as someone Beyoncé said looked sexy, which means he should be eternally happy.

So check out the video, celebrate 15 years of "American Pie," and try to remember a strange, scary world where Beyoncé co-hosted an MTV Movie Award red carpet ... with Sisqo. Remember Sisqo? Oh the times, they've a-changed.