Tattoos, Tank Tops & Tailgating: Here's How One Direction Fans Can Have The Best Summer Ever! [Contest]

Enter for a chance to meet 1D in MTV's Ultimate Fan Experience contest.

Happy sunshine! As One Direction fans, we have our shades on, our inflatable bananas blown up and ready, and our "Where We Are" tickets in hand. We're ready for summer, because summer's the best time to be a Directioner.

gif banana

But if you want the ultimate One Direction treatment this summer, enter MTV's Ultimate Fan Experience, where MTV will fly you and a friend down to New Orleans, sit you front row at their concert, and give you a chance to meet Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam. Go to One Direction's MTV Artist page at to enter, and you could win the trip and some cool autographed swag.

And hey, if you don't win (which you will... maybe), then you can celebrate your Directionship by doing these summery One Direction things! Cheers!

1D Soccer

Er, um, football, as the lads would say. Is there a better season for them to get their game on?

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1D Tats

Flaunt your temporary tats while having fun in the sun. These replicas of the ones the boys have are perfect.

1D Tanks

Rid yourself of farmer's tan with a 1D tank top.

1D Dancing

Now that you're in your summer outfit, take your friends outside and choreograph a dance to "Best Song Ever." Don't forget to add a few cartwheels.

1D Outdoor Concerts

The best part of a summer 1D concert is that you can chill out in the grass with your friends before the band comes on.

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1D Tailgating

Before the concert, you can sell flower crowns (and give each other those temporary 1D tats) in the parking lot. Can't do that in the winter.

1D Surfing

Nothing is more 1D than surfing. Everyone knows that. You can take out a board just like the guys do.

Although it might look something more like this.

1D Camping

A favorite 1D pasttime. I'm on pinecone duty.


1D Pool party

Remake One Direction's "Live While We're Young" video by getting a bunch of pool toys and battling your friends.

And then use this towel to dry off.

1D Running

Fill your iPod with One Direction and use them to fuel your morning run.

1D B-Day Party

Let's all celebrate the summer birthday of Liam James Payne. It's August 29, and he's turning 21.

That's right. I used that picture.

1D Joy Ride

You know what else you can't do in the winter? Drive with the windows down. So crank them down, turn up "Rock Me" and sing it loud for everyone else on the road to hear.

That's what Harry would do.

1D Bonfire

Tell your favorite Larry fanfic around a campfire.

1D Swimming

Strike a meditative pose in the pool like Liam does.