Vanessa Bayer Gives Haim Horrible Advice: Watch

Este and Alana put up with a new media coach on 'Sound Advice.'

Vanessa Bayer has some "Sound Advice" for those in the music indo. While she's doled it out to Fun. and Drake in the past, this time, Bayer (a.k.a. Janessa Slater, "a media coach who's helped hundreds of bands") decided to take Haim under her wing. The results? No less than awkward.

From lyric critiques to hilarious new Este "bass face" suggestions, the "SNL" star (ahem, I mean Janessa) instructs the sisters how to be a better band. But when she tries to get Este and Alana to say something bad about their sister Danielle, who was "sick," that's when they end the interview.

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