Tim Boyle / Getty Images

13 Heartbreaking Signs That Summer Is Basically Over

All good things must come to an end. Sorry :(

We hate to break it to you, but summer is ending like NOW. Here's the devastating proof.

1. People ask about your Labor Day plans

Uhh, they're the same as your 4th of July plans -- barbecues, pool parties, five-hour car rides in bumper-to-bumper traffic en route to the shore. Duh.

2. Your fave sandals break from overuse

RIP, dear friend. You were so young. You had so much potential.

3. Back-to-School sales rule the world

Walk into Walmart or Target and try not to buy school supplies. I dare you.

4. You're -- *gasp* -- getting tired of iced coffee

Is there anything better than the comforting feeling of hot coffee in your hands during a blistery winter stroll? No, there is not. (Winter is coming.)

5. There's literally nothing left to watch on Netflix

You've seen every obscure documentary and re-watched all of "One Tree Hill." Now what? Actually go outside?

6. You miss all your cute sweaters (and the ugly one, too)

They're collecting dust at the bottom of your dresser, and you're wayyyy too excited about breaking 'em out again.

7. You've adjusted to being 100% nocturnal

Going to bed at 2 a.m. and waking up in the middle of the afternoon is the norm. You've finally adapted to and perfected the nocturnal lifestyle, as well as the delicate art of the afternoon nap...just in time for school's daily 8 to 3 prison sentence. Why must the world be so cruel?

8. The pool's closed

Wanna go swimming? Too bad. It's time to suck up to that one kid in your grade who has a swanky in-ground pool in their backyard. Maybe if you're nice enough, they'll invite you over.

9. Your summer job is no longer a priority

You arrived 15 minutes early for everything in June. In August, sleeping in is all that matters and anyone who tells you otherwise is blatantly wrong and you couldn't care less (because now you're a nocturnal creature of the night, remember?).

10. Sweat

It's everywhere. Even your earlobes are sweating by this point. Every night you dream about being buried in piles and piles of crisp, icy snow so you will never again feel this gross sweaty moisture between your butt cheeks.

11. Football practice is a thing

Dust off your pom-poms, cleats, whatever -- 'tis the season for school spirit, pep rallies and making out under the bleachers in the football stadium.

12. Summer work rears its ugly head

You can totally SparkNote read every Jane Austen novel in the week before school starts. Easy peezy.

13. You're soooo bored. SO BORED.

Doing nothing is SO tiring. How are there so many hours in a day? You're so bored, you're almost ready to go back to school.