YouTube/ GreenPeace Video

Everything Is NOT Awesome: Watch Lego People Drown In Oil/Your Tears

Nothing will be awesome again, ever.

Would you like to see a charming Arctic tableau made of LEGOs, including polar bears, Inuit fisherman, and adorable arctic foxes, slowly drowned in a glut of oil released by an evil, cigar-smoking, plastic villain?

How about fan favorite characters like Jon Snow and Ygritte from "Game Of Thrones," Hedwig the owl from "Harry Potter," or Santa Claus? Would you like to seem them drown in oil?

US NEITHER. But if we had to watch this, then so do you, because it's not fair that we should have to cry alone.

This inventive and deeply depressing PSA from Greenpeace calls on LEGO to dissolve its partnership with Shell Oil, accusing the toy company of allowing its "halo effect... to sell propaganda to children," thanks to its business dealings with "an unethical corporation who are busy destroying the natural world our children will inherit." (Because using LEGOs for propaganda is only okay when you're making emotionally manipulative videos about saving the planet, apparently.)

The two companies recently inked a deal to sell Shell-branded LEGO sets at gas stations around the world, drawing the ire of Greenpeace, which had already launched a campaign objecting to Shell's arctic drilling back in 2012.

Sorry, Emmet and Wyldstyle: everything is decidedly not awesome.