These 9 Baseball Fans Are The True 2014 All-Stars

The most impressive, hilarious, angry and lucky fans of this MLB season.

Sports fans are amazing --when they aren't busy burning jerseys, interfering with on-field action or yelling obscenities near small children. While Major League Baseball is busy honoring their players in tonight's All-Star Game, we decided to put together an All Star team of our own, to honor the real heroes, the fans.

1. Golden Girl With Golden Gloves

The Indians lead the league with 76 errors because their best fielders are in the stands.

2. Rally Kid

Move over rally monkey, this cute kid has the energy, moves and excitement to jump-start any comeback.

3. Jeter Fan With Anger Issues

If passion is the greatest attribute a fan can have, than this woman needs to be checked for PEDs.

4. Senior Sleepy

A controversial choice because this sleeping beauty is suing everyone, but his nap made us realize what really matters. Between keeping track of your fantasy team, trade rumors and the latest playoff standings, it's important to remember that baseball is about being as lazy as possible.

5.Young Stud With Slight Of Hand

Impressing the opposite sex and racking up sweet baseball memorabilia? This kid is already the man, he'll be breaking hearts and giving out personalized gift baskets in no time.

6. Bat Mom

You think bare-handing a ground ball is impressive? Try bare-handing a flying bat while saving a child's life. Kudos to the stadium announcer for quickly playing Batman theme song. Also, notice how her husband next to her cowers in fear and then slyly takes the bat from her afterward. What a guy!

7. Granny Golden Catch

When this lady yelled out 'can of corn' fellow fans probably assumed she was reciting her shopping list.

8. Mr. Ice Cold Catch

Is there anyone more under-appreciated then the beer guy at a baseball game?

9. High Seas Lebowski

In a Lebowski-esque move this fan nearly capsizes his entire canoe going after a foul ball. He holds himself together without spilling a beer while scoring a piece of memorabilia that is sure to 'tie the room together'.