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Is This Airline Safety Video Sexy Or Sexist?

Air New Zealand pulls video featuring Sports Illustrated models after backlash.

Hold onto you oxygen masks, folks. Back in February of this year, Air New Zealand partnered with Sports Illustrated to create an airline safety video surrounding the magazine's 50th anniversary. The video, featuring the publication's signature swimsuit models, drew backlash from the Kiwi community and prompted a petition garnering over 10,000 signatures against the "sexist advertisement."

According to the petition, "This video creates an unnecessarily difficult and uncomfortable working environment for its female staff, which goes against the entire nature of safety."

Supporters rejoiced on Tuesday (June 8) as it was widely reported that Air NZ had removed the video after a five-month run. However, the video can still be watched via the airline's YouTube account.

According to, an Air New Zealand spokesperson denies bowing to the social media pressure. Rather, "the Sport Illustrated video had reached the end of its run and was gradually being phased out of the aircrafts it was used on."

This isn't Air NZ's first dip into sexy safety video production. In 2009 the airline released a "Bare Essentials of Safety" video depicting an entirely nude flight crew (with cleverly painted-on uniforms). Granted, this video features both men and women in the nude. Check it out below.

Tell us what you think about the Air New Zealand Sports Illustrated video. Sexy, or sexist?