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9 Insane Waterslide Videos That'll Make You Want To Stay Dry This Summer

Earlier this week, Schlitterbahn Park in Kansas City released heart-stopping footage of The Verrückt, a 168-foot waterslide -- the world's tallest -- that isn't meant for anyone scared of heights, water, speed or...well, fun, 'cause this thing looks awesome.

While The Verrückt is the king of waterslides for now, it's not your only summer option for aquatic summer thrill-seeking. Nothing makes you feel more alive than flying 70 mph straight down by just the seat of your swim trunks. If this is the last ride you take, at least you'll make a splash.

1. They Thought Of Everything But The Landing

2. Winner Of The "Worst Place To Put A Gate" Award

3. What It's Like Inside Andre The Giant's Toilet

4. Make Sure Your Swimwear Is Double-Knotted

5. One Inch Of Water Doesn't Really Break Your Fall

6. Watch Out For Riptides

7. Finally, A Way To Make Motorcycles Even MORE Dangerous!

8. Overshot The Landing

9. The Most Infamous Waterslide In History

This promotional video doesn't look insane, but the Cannonball Loop at New Jersey's Action Park was only open for a single month in 1985, because too many people got injured on it, and several people died on other rides -- don't worry, though, the park's back this year...with some new safety regulations.