'Transformers' Writer To Tackle Live-Action 'Dumbo' Next

Yo, I think we just found a flying elephant!

Well this is certainly not something this particular writer would've expected, but: the scribbling hand tasked with creating the words Michael Bay then uses to bring his "Transformers" franchise to life, Ehren Kruger, has been tapped to pen Disney's live-action adaptation of its 1941 classic, "Dumbo."

Who knew flying elephants and autobots had so much in common, eh?

For those of you out there that may have missed out on one of Disney's more emotional old films, "Dumbo" told the story of a wee circus elephant-to-be that's ostracized and mocked because of his unusually large ears. After a kerfuffle that results in his mother getting locked up (for protecting her baby! How cruel), Dumbo lands a mouse-y companion who tells him that, with the help of a magical feather, he can actually fly with those big ol' ears of his. We won't tell you what happens next.

Does this mean, with Kruger at the helm, that feather will be, say, a feather that transforms into a high-flying device?

In its live-action iteration, the story is said to be more of a family tale that parallels the old "Dumbo" journey. No word yet on who will play the voice of this teeny, ambitious elephant, but we've got our fingers crossed for star of the now-departed "Trophy Wife," Albert Tsai to take the part because he's just too adorable. What do you think?