Austin Kirk

13 Front-Row-Seat Videos Of The World's Craziest Roller Coasters

Check out the biggest, tallest, fastest and most gut-wrenching coasters around with these terrifying POV videos.

It’s Roller Coaster Season! Unfortunately, for you office drones, broke fools and summer school denizens trapped behind a desk, the amusement park isn’t a reality.

But thanks to the magic of YouTube, you can make yourself feel incredibly sick and dizzy anyway! Here are 13 of the best POV videos of the biggest, tallest, fastest, and most gut-wrenching coasters around.

Get ready to get motion sickness from the safety of your cubicle.

Ultra Twister

This Japanese coaster seems to simulate how food travels down your small intestine. It may very well make your food go the opposite way.

Sky Scream

A classic example of a coaster name that basically describes the experience. You’ll scream, in the sky.


Named for the Greek god of the underworld, who was well-known for his love of amusement park rides.

Shivering Timbers

The only wooden coaster named after the concept of substandard wood. Or pirates, possibly. Either way it makes it extra scary.


A legitimately terrifying video, with a floorless upside-down ride.


Touted as the world’s steepest roller coaster, Takabisha has a devastating 121 degree drop. Its name is the Japanese word for "domineering." Try giving your girlfriend that "pet-name" and see if she pushes you off a 121 degree incline.


The helix shape is most famous as the shape of DNA. Try to think about the work of Watson and Crick while you get completely scrambled on this coaster.

Hair Raiser

Or possibly Lunch Raiser, depending on when you watch this.


The visible water in this video just makes it scarier.

Steel Dragon 2000

A great name for a roller coaster or a pickup truck from the year 2000. The buildup in this is so long that it feels like torture.

Formula Rossa

This Ferrari-inspired coaster in Abu Dhabi is touted as the world's fastest.


This German coaster is both efficient and precise, though it does not pair well with beer or sausage.

Full Throttle

Sadly NOT a coaster version of "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle". It does go backwards and forwards, however.