Potato Salad Kickstarter Raises Over $50,000, So Here’s How To Spend Those Taters

Taters on taters on taters.

So we’ve all had a laugh and an eyeroll about that potato salad Kickstarter by now, yes? (Perhaps more of the latter than the former for some of us.) His initial goal of amassing 10 whole dollars has resulted in an Internet frenzy that’s netted Zack “Danger” Brown over $50,000 as of the writing of this post.

…That’s a lot of freaking potatoes.

Fortunately, Brown has a better head on his shoulders than we’d anticipated. While part of us couldn’t help but despair at the fervency the Internet applied to this faux-cause compared to its efforts to help real, honest-to-goodness effective ones, Brown’s commitment to “do[ing] the most good” has instilled in us a bit of hope.

During an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Brown commented that though Kickstarter’s Terms of Service strictly prohibit him giving the money directly to charity, he’s open to ideas.

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