JWOWW Says Pregnancy Is 'The Worst Thing Ever'

As she nears the finish line, Jenni shares a brand-new, nine-month baby bump photo -- and a list of grievances.

Don't count Jenni Farley among the handful of ladies who claim they loooove being pregnant. The "Snooki & JWOWW" star posted a new baby bump photo titled "My last week" on her website and captioned it: "...It better be!!! Can’t wait to meet my baby girl!!"

Safe to say that Jenni wishes she'd delivered her baby, like, yesterday. And that's not all...

"[Pregnancy] is the worst thing ever," JWOWW admitted during an interview on Nicole Polizzi's weekly podcast "Naturally Nicole." "It's terrible. Now that I’m at my last couple of weeks, can’t sleep. When you eat, you get heartburn. You can’t move. You’re out of breath. I can't wait for my orangutang t---ies to go back to normal."

Guess that epidural is sounding mighty good right now, huh, Jenni?

Pregnancy? Uh, no thanks.

Snooki couldn't help but agree with her bestie. "It's great because you're making your love child, but the whole process is awful," she said. "I never met anybody that enjoys pregnancy. All those pregnant women you see on the [magazine] covers, like, smiling [because] they're so happy. That's all staged. That's not real."

Jenni went on to chat about her upcoming horror flick, "Jersey Shore Massacre," set for release this August. "It's really close to our days on 'Jersey Shore,'" she said. "It really makes me miss it. It makes me laugh because all our funny sayings and stuff is in it, like 'grenade.'" Awww, memories!

Take a listen to the full interview on "Naturally Nicole," and leave your best wishes for the upcoming birth of JWOWW's baby girl in the comments!

Photo via JenniFarley.com