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'Pretty Little Liars' 100th Episode: Tyler Blackburn Teases Major Haleb Drama

... And of course, a fight with Alison.

Today, July 8, is the day "Pretty Little Liars" fans have been waiting for for months. Not only is the show's 100th episode, "Miss Me x 100," finally here to add enough twists and turns to make A's head spin, but Tyler Blackburn is officially back! That's right -- Caleb, Rosewood's most sane and even-keeled boyfriend, will return from his brief stint in the neighboring town of Ravenswood to swoop Hanna (Ashley Benson) back off her feet and restore order in this chaotic universe.

Except not.

"He's definitely different," Blackburn told MTV News over the phone. "He's changed. He's a lot darker. He's been through a lot in Ravenswood."

So much, in fact, that some "demons" and "vices" will return on that damn bus with him -- and of course, seeing that Hanna is with Travis now isn't going to help.

"He comes back and sees that Hanna is with somebody else, and there's so much that's transpired since he's been gone," Blackburn continued. "I think he’s overwhelmed. He isolates, and has a lot of demons, and therefore a lot of vices are created in his isolation. You'll find out what those are. He’s not just going to come back and be Hanna's knight in shining armor."

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Blackburn then teased that a "small love triangle" will form between Hanna, Caleb, and Travis, but also said that Caleb will respect Hanna's wishes (as he should). There is, however, one Liar who Caleb will not respect -- the back-from-the-dead Alison.

"Caleb knows only what he's heard, and he has not not heard anything good about her," Blackburn explained. "He's someone who is not a bullsh---er. He calls a spade a spade. He does confront her, and basically says, 'I don't believe you, I don't trust you. I think that you're a liar.' It's interesting, because she's come back to play this victim role. For a while you're thinking, 'Is she telling the truth? Is she lying?' Whether or not she is, he never believes her."

This anti-Alison attitude will cause even more friction with Hanna, which officially makes Haleb the 1,393,594th relationship that Ali has damaged.

"[The four Liars] are listening to her story and they want to believe her," Blackburn said. "I think the fact that I come in and cause waves... Hanna is pissed more than anything. [She says] 'This isn’t your issue, stop. Let us fight our fight, it's not about you. What are you trying to do?' And he's like, 'please, she's an idiot.'"

Harsh! And ... maybe accurate? So to recap, we have a "darker" Caleb with some serious, mysterious demons, a still broken up Haleb, a "pissed" Hanna, and a new beef with Ali. But don't fret, Caleb fans (AKA everyone) -- there is one giant hunk of silver lining, in the form of Caleb's ongoing bromance with Toby.

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"Toby is definitely a friend to Caleb, and vice versa," Blackburn said. "Toby is a little older than Caleb, so he plays a little bit of a big brother role... Toby does step up to the plate at one point, and helps Caleb out. Once the season goes on and you realize what Caleb is really dealing with and what his issues are, Toby again comes up and tries to help him and save the day a little bit."

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