Scott And Stiles Could Soon Be Brothers On ‘Teen Wolf’

Well, maybe -- Melissa Ponzio says her character of Mama McCall might just hook up with Sheriff Stilinski!

In a "Teen Wolf" world where all the stars aligned perfectly above Beacon Hills, a single mom and a widowed dad would get together and have beautiful Melinski babies. (And Allison would be alive and Derek would be normal again and Stydia would be more than merely a ship of dreams.)

Cue the Melinski cheers — judging by the latest "Teen Wolf After After Show," the first option is most definitely a possibility! When asked if a Melissa McCall-Sheriff Stilinski match-up is in the cards, Melissa Ponzio (who plays Scott's mama bear) gave us a wee bit of hope.

"Kissing? A little light fondling? Yeah, I think there's that possibility," Melissa says. "I can't really officially comment."

We're not terribly surprised by the potential love connection, seeing as Scott's mom and Stiles' pop have grown tremendously close throughout the series. We're talking some under-the-radar flirt fests, a guardian sacrifice scare and coming to terms with the fact that their kiddos lead mad dangerous lives.

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