Patrick Willems

Watch 'The Flash' Get Really Depressed Really Fast In This Short Movie

Back in 'En Fläsh.'

You can't stop every bullet, no matter how fast you are.

Barry Allen learns this lesson the hard way in "En Fläsh," a short movie created by filmmaker Patrick Willems, directed and presented in the style of legendary Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. (Even credited to Mr. Bergman at one point, in fact.) The black-and-white, stylized short sees The Fastest Man Alive in loose-fitting latex, bemoaning what it's like to move and breathe so much faster than everyone and anyone around him.

For a character that's traditionally a fairly happy-go-lucky guy, it's a pretty brooding take on good ol' Barry. The shout-outs to Gorilla Grodd and Captain Cold in Swedish are worth the price of admission alone, but the endless possibilities for similarly inspired Berman-esque superhero parodies are what gets the wheels turning.

Of course, this is not the "Flash" we can expect to see when the series debuts on The CW in October, nor is it the version of the Scarlet Speedster that's likely to show up in the upcoming big-screen "Justice League" movies. But at less than three minutes in runtime, "En Fläsh" is a quick diversion indeed.

(via Kotaku)