Wrathschild’s ‘Angeles’ Video: L.A. Is One Unforgiving Mistress

Watch the electro-pop duo worship at the altar of Los Angeles.

“Take my soul I want to let you/ Wish that I had never met you,” sing Simon Curtis and Ro “Wolfy” Danishei of Wrathschild in their new video for “Angeles.” And no, they’re not singing about some cruel, unforgiving mistress they just don’t know how to shake — well, at least not a human one.

The track, which begins all simple and percussive à la Lorde’s “Royals” only to transcend to a more ethereal sonic landscape, is all about loving the city of Los Angeles, even when it doesn’t love you back.

Did I say “loving”? I should probably say “worshiping,” as the follow-up to April’s “Fall Into Love” sees the electro-pop duo embarking on a legit pilgrimage for answers through the city’s streets. Like any good religious experience, the quest ends in a host of psychedelic visions.

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